7 Branded Coloured Pencils For Amateurs And Artists

Coloured pencils are a dynamic way to express one’s creativity. They are no longer regarded as children’s play and are used by many professional artists and serious amateurs for their artistic work. Nowadays, most of the people have adopted colouring as their leisure pursuits as it promotes vast benefits with its quiet time, calming qualities and meditative effects. Due to these reasons, branded coloured pencils are nowadays in great demand. People demand for more vibrant and smooth coloured pencils these days to create their excellent works of artwork. To fulfil these requirements, we have listed down some of the high-quality coloured pencils for your happy colouring days.

Faber Castell Polychromos Coloured Pencils

The Faber Castell Polychromos is one of the best branded coloured pencils available in the market. These colour pencils are the most preferred colouring medium by several professional artists. They consist of smooth and vibrant colours. The lead of these pencils is soft, hence have more oily texture than waxy. The pencils require a good sharpener because of the softness of the lead.

Derwent ProColour Coloured Pencils

The professional series of Derwent ProColour is known to be versatile as these colouring pencils offer both vibrant as well as bold colours to provide your art with a professional finish. The set of ProColour colouring pencils is available in a wooden gift box or metal tin set and comprises 72 coloured pencils. Individually, every pencil has its colour name as well as a number embossed with the silver colour present on the area of easy grip on the round barrel. The pencils provide huge colouring shades and smoothness. These pencils are perfect for a smudge-free finished look with minimal dusting. The smooth texture of the lead provides an easy and perfect colour blending. 

Sanford Prismacolor Coloured Pencils

Another best option of branded coloured pencils for professional colourists is the Sanford Prismacolor. It consists of a variety of options and colours. They contain bright and vibrant colours with the waxy texture and lead of the pencils are soft. These coloured pencils will also require a good sharpener.

Caran D’Ache Luminance and Swisscolour Coloured Pencils

The Swiss-made coloured pencils named Caran D’Ache is the most preferred pencils by the creative professional and serious artist. These water-soluble colouring pencils are one of the best in the market with a wide range of options and colours which suit any users. From illustrator to a graphic designer to architect, irrespective of your background, Swiss-made Caran D’Ache colours help you in every way. The lead of the colours is fine, light on resistance, water-soluble, which is enclosed in hexagonal cedarwood. They are available in 80,40,30,18,12 or 6 sets of colours.

Koh-i-Noor Polycolour Coloured Pencils

The Koh-i-Noor Polycolor series of branded coloured pencils have fairly soft as well as oily pastel type texture with wooden coating. They are vibrant and strong colours with easy colour blending and provide a smudge-free finished look. Since the lead of the pencils is so soft, hence a decent sharpener is required to sharpen it carefully. 

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour Coloured Pencils

The Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor is yet another great option of branded coloured pencils you can go for. The pencils are available in 105, 72, 36, 24 and 12 colours. The set of 105 colours is provided in a wooden box which also contains several accessories helpful in your artistic adventures. The set of 72 colours comes in a tin box. The Rembrandt Polycolor range of colours from the German company provides a professional finished look to the artist’s art as it contains smooth and fine colours having a strong core with diameter 4mm. The colours are also light as well as water-resistant.

Marco Raffine Colour 7100 Coloured Pencils

The Raffine Colour 7100 branded coloured pencils is an assembly of oil-based colouring pencils which provide more lustre than water-soluble colouring pencils. These pencils offer better softness, chromaticity as well as huge pigment traces. Manufactured from recycled wood authenticated by CE, easy to sharpen, creates a uniform and clear colours shading and these colours do not get fade or disappear easily

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