Different Types Of Coloured Pencils Used By Artists

Coloured pencils add more life to every drawing. They can render different art styles which make an artwork more realistic and expressive. Many artists use different types of coloured pencils either alone or in combination to add more texture and effect in their drawings. Generally, artists colouring pencils are categorized into three main types: oil-based, wax-based and water-soluble. It also includes colour sticks & woodless pencils that contain similar lead material. Though pastel pencils lie in a different category, they can be used as coloured pencils too if used correctly.

Listed-below are different types of artist colouring pencils to make immersive artwork.

Oil-based Coloured Pencils

Oil-based coloured pencils have a little different consistency of holding together the pigment with the help of oil and spreading it on the drawing surface of the water without suffering from wax bloom. Most of the oil-based coloured pencils are medium-soft, i.e. they are a bit firmer as compared to various wax-based coloured pencils, but they are still softer other than student-grade pencils. 

While being quite smooth, these pencils would not lay down colour on the paper as quickly as other artist colouring pencils, e.g. Prismacolour Premier. These coloured pencils are better at giving more versatility and bind the colours together. Due to their more firm leads, they are break-resistant and do not require getting frequently sharpened. Some of the artists prefer these coloured pencils to provide more control on texture and tone to their drawings. 

Wax-based Coloured Pencils

Most of the coloured pencils you will find are wax-based. The wax-based coloured pencils contain the right quantity of wax in them that provides smooth texture which aids the pigment to spread through the paper. The wax also aids the mark to hold fast to the paper or multiple layers of coloured pencils without worrying about adhesion or smearing.

These artists colouring pencils are available in a huge variety of consistencies, i.e. from the soft pencils range made for professionals to the hard pencils designed for students. Since wax-based coloured pencils are quite common, you can probably get a specific set that fits in your requirements of quality, price and consistency.

Water-soluble pencils 

Water-soluble pencils are known as watercolour pencils that can be used dry like general coloured pencils or with the water. These coloured pencils are composed of a water-soluble gum which permits the pigments to get mixed with the water. The artists use these pencils in their pencil form as dry watercolour paints pencil.

These artist colouring pencils are completely capable of generating watercolour paintings when mixed with water and you can use a sponge or brush to blend colours. Various artists also utilize them in conjunction with general watercolours and other art media, i.e. coloured pencils. If you are like watercolours, then you must try these coloured pencils.

Colour Sticks and Woodless Pencils

These artist colouring pencils consist of the entire core which you can find in the coloured pencils and are extremely handy for those artists who enjoy laying down multiple colours in their drawings They provide all the similar benefits as offered by the wood-encased coloured pencils and can be easily used together with various art media. By using these pencils, you can create interesting colour effects in your drawings.

Pastel Pencils

Pastel pencils are usually not considered to be called as coloured pencils even though their outward appearances do not create much difference. These pencils do not have wood-encased leads of pigment or wax, but pastel pencils are more similar to pastel sticks with an only difference of the pastel core which is made harder to avoid breakage or crumbling of the pencil lead. Since these pencils are opaque, so artists use pastel pencils differently in conjunction with pastels colours.

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