Get The Best-Coloured Pencil Paper For Your Artwork

A complete set of coloured pencils is incomplete without the sketching paper. For any promising artist, buying a high-quality coloured pencil set is equally important to purchase the sketching paper pad to apply the colours. However, it is important to find the best-coloured pencil paper for the type of coloured pencils you are going to use- either oil or wax-based. To get the maximum benefits of the colours in your drawing, it is essential to know the type and quality of the paper it offers. For example, if you are using coloured pencils which are known for displaying thick strokes, then it will not smoothly draw wavy strokes on a normal paper and your drawing would not appear as how you wanted it to look.

So, it is necessary to do enough research and try a trial and error method to find the best-coloured pencil paper that suits you. Sketching papers are used with a different type of coloured pencils for different applications. So, depending on your coloured pencil usage, your choice can vary. Listed below are some of the coloured pencil paper suggestions that you can consider to get immersive artistic results.

  • Strathmore Series Sketch Pad

This Strathmore sketch paper offers a general-purpose paper of medium weight for artists. It is the best-coloured pencil paper solution anyone can have.  It is sufficiently rough to absorb good colours from your pencils and still deliver ample smoothness to permit for fine detail work.  This paper pad has a size of 9” x 12” which is adequately large for both beginners for simple doodles and professionals for delivering fantastic pieces. Moreover, it is easily affordable for everyone who has a great interest in the artwork.

  • Canson Universal Sketch Paper Pad

Canson sketching paper is quite smooth, which makes it the best-coloured pencil paper for creating intricate sketches. Though some of the rougher papers offer less colour layering, you still have a plus point of getting a sufficient amount of control on your drawings that you get from the page smoothness.  This sketch paper is of small size, measuring only 5.5” x 8.5”, so it is quite easy to travel with. However, it is not a good choice to do your large-sized artwork pieces with it.

  • Strathmore Medium Weight Drawing Paper Pad

This brand offers a much thicker paper that takes colour so well in the drawings. While drawing, the pages are sufficiently crisp and can easily handle hard strokes without tearing apart.  It is available in a satisfactory size workspace of 80 square inches.  However, it is quite costly to buy per sheet due to its high-quality pages. To test the colour output power of your pencils, then it is the best-coloured pencil paper to go with.

  • Rising Stonehenge Drawing Pad

This drawing pad offers good-quality papers that weigh 140-pounds, which can catch adequate colours and hold them up. It delivers great texture in your drawings, but you might face a little bit of difficulty when attempting to lay down very detailed regions. It is one of the best-coloured pencil papers so far in which you can produce many impressive drawings, but it is extremely expensive to afford per sheet.

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