If you are a professional artist or even if you are a newbie in the field of art, who is planning to invest in art instruments to enhance your skills, then you have landed in the right place. The proportional divider is the best art tool in which all artists should invest once. This tool will help you to achieve accuracy in no time.  

Today, we are going to review one of the best proportional dividers among all available in the market that is the Proportional Divider Drawing Tool for Artists by Pixiss, GrayScale Value Finder, Color Wheel, and Artists View Catcher Finder. 

We all know that for creating an incredible piece of art, the proportions of an image are a significant element. As the name suggests, the proportional divider is the best device to achieve accuracy regarding balances in your drawings. 

You can use this tool to replicate the same scale of the reference image on your drawing sheet. Also, as per your requirement, you could sketch smaller or larger dimensions from the reference picture. This tool is a must for every artist out there. 

Now, after understanding the importance of the proportional divider, you must be wondering which one to purchase out of a variety of different dividers available in the market. So as noted above, we are delivering here our review of the Proportional Divider Drawing Tool for Artists by Pixiss, which is best available in the market at present. 

Pixiss is a top brand that has been creating quality art and office products since 2003. It has a variety of different art products that you could go through on its website. One of them is the proportional scale divider that we are talking about. It is an art device that can be used to accurately transfer the subject matter from the reference onto your canvas or drawing paper while maintaining the proportions. 

Let us go through some of the important features of this divider that will definitely compel you to include it in your collection of art tools. Find out if Pixiss Promotional Divider is the right tool that you need or not.

1. Material used – Plastic

The body of this stunning proportional scale divider is made up of plastic. This makes it lightweight and easy to hold. This will certainly help you to measure and replicate the drawing that you wish to create easily and comfortably. 

2. Pointed Tips

The proportional divider with pointed tips helps to transfer the subject matter precisely on your canvas. Many proportional dividers that are made up of plastic do not portray this quality. This art tool by Pixiss, though made of plastic, have great needle-like pointed tips that will definitely assist you in creating incredible art pieces. 

3. Lock Mechanism

The area of the divider where its two arms meet with the help of a nut and bolt is called the lock mechanism. It should be positioned in the right manner so that the divider could slide in the selected scale ratio along with enabling the users to open and close the divider with ease. 

The lock mechanism of Pixiss proportional divider is firm and fairly placed along with giving the freedom of being flexible while opening and closing.

4. Fun Assimilation

This could be the best secret to enhance your drawing skills while having fun using this amazing tool. After a few uses, this will make you an expert at judging the proportions and spaces accurately. This device will teach you the art of measurements along with widening the horizons of your art skills. 

5. Accessions with this product

The best part about the Pixiss proportional divider is that it comes with four other art instruments that could elevate your art skills to the next level. 

Gray Scale Finder

This is a small card that is divided into eight or ten squares having various shades of gray. It starts from the lightest color of gray and ends at the darkest gray color. It will help you to compare different pictures to get an idea about the values and intensities of a particular color. 

Mostly this is used while making charcoal art, pencil sketches, or shading. Pixiss provides you this amazing piece with its proportional divider at no price. Nothing can be a better deal than this. 

Color Wheel Guide

What could be better than having a color wheel with you while creating your art and paintings? This wheel enables you to relate colors with each other and get the idea by mixing and matching which colors look good together. You could easily identify the primary, secondary, tertiary, and complementary colors by using this tool. 

View Catcher

This is a significant art tool that every artist must own to decide a good composition and focal point of the drawings. Looking through the view catcher and moving it back and forth can provide you with a great composition. It could be used to determine the horizon or vertical line for your drawing. The Pixiss view catcher enables you to look at a scene through twelve sections.

All the above-mentioned bonuses with Pixiss proportional divider are made up of thick plastic and is formulated in the form of a card. All of them have the same size that is 5*3. They are completely waterproof in nature. 


The Pixiss proportional divider is an incredible art device that could raise the standard of your drawings in no time. It is a tool that could be used by anyone related to art like professional artists, students, and novices as well. This could undoubtedly be a great addition to your drawing supplies. This amazing art tool is worth having. 

In case you wish to have a look at this product, here is the link for your reference – Pixiss Proportional Divider

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