Product Review: Lucy Drawing Tool with Photo Projector – Camera LUCIDA

It is good news for all the artists out there who are confused regarding the use of photo projectors for making drawings. We are reviewing the Lucy Drawing Tool with Photo Projector – Camera LUCIDA and Photo enlarging Accessory for Painting aid Art Projector today. 

Lucy Drawing Tool is an apparatus that is used by many artists to create sketches. As we know, it is used to depict the image of an object on the drawing surface or the canvas to delineate it in a detailed and accurate manner. This tool has been in controversy for long about its historical use. 

Artists have been using this tool, but a fair amount of people have always been against it. The people opposing were of the idea that this device was nothing but a fudge for the art lovers. 

Though this tool received a generous dose of hate, it never went out of style. Even today, apparently, many artists use Camera LUCIDA to portray complicated sketches. Mostly the commercial illustrators use Lucy Drawing Tool with Photo Projector than the traditional artists. 

This high-quality art tool is made in the USA. It offers a large, stable, and bright picture of the object that will help you to trace it on the canvas with ease. It also allows adjusting the brightness of the image as per your need. 

It easily lets you look at two things at once, thus providing you with the correct perspective and accurate proportions of your object on the sheet. The Lucy Drawing Tool reflects the entire image on paper, and you can adjust to the size you want by just changing its distance from the object. The best part about this device is that it can be used while standing, sitting, or at an easel. 

Camera LUCIDA is an amazing tool that also helps budding artists to learn how to draw accurately and precisely. It also acts as a great source of motivation for the people who desire to learn to draw. 

Is this the product that you are looking for? Let’s dive deep into the review of the product and find out all the features and plus points of the product. 

1. Design and Structure

Material and dimensions

The Lucy Drawing Tool – Camera LUCIDA is built using the material Fiberglass-Infused Polycarbonate. The dimensions of this device are 13.25*9.5*3.25 inches, and it weighs approximately 2.1 pounds, which makes it lightweight and easy to use. Also, this device doesn’t use electricity to run. This gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere in your home. 

The Flex Neck Arm and Clamp

This versatile camera comes with a flexible neck arm that provides support to the optical mirror. It is two feet long and 10mm thick. It is made with flexible and lightweight steel in a manner that makes it comfortable and adjustable to operate. The neck arm also has a rubber coating on it to provide proper grip.

Also, it comes with a clamp that can be used to fix the neck arm along with the lenses and mirrors on the tabletop or at the canopy of the easel. It is built from aluminum and is rubber-coated.

Optical Mirrors and lenses

The optical mirrors used in Camera LUCIDA are made of shatter-resistant acrylic glass that makes it even more portable and easy to work with. These optical mirrors and lenses enable you to create steady and large drawings that go up to 19*27 inches. 

Light weighted

Lucy Drawing Tool with Photo Projector – Camera LUCIDA is a lightweight art device that is portable in nature. You can carry this camera anywhere you wish to draw. It is easy to store it in your house. Just remove the clamp from the table surface, detach the camera from its flexible neck, fold the neck arm, and put all these elements wherever you want. 

2. Accessories

This adaptable camera comes with four different accessories with it. All these additions are mentioned below for your convenience.

Optical Filters

There are two extra optical filters with this camera, so you need not worry about the whereabouts of the optical lenses and mirrors used in building this incredible drawing device. All you have to do is focus on your drawing skills.

Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

This camera comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth that is exclusively meant to clean the surface of the Lucy Drawing Tool. It can also be used carefully on the mirror and lenses of the camera to remove dust from it. 

Photo projector with Lenses

This can be used in case you wish to magnify the image of the object on your drawing sheet. This will help you to make a large sketch of the picture or object you wish to trace on your canvas.

Instructions Manual

If you are in doubt on how to mantle the different elements of Lucy Drawing Tool – Camera LUCID, then you don’t have to worry at all. They provide an exhaustive guide with every camera that is sold so that users can easily get comfortable with different components of this art tool.  


This art tool can help the immature artist to perform like professional sketchers, and it will help the professionals to make drawings in less time. 

This will give you a basic idea about lights and projections, which, in turn, will help you create more amazing drawings. Lucy Drawing Tool is a worthy addition along with all other items in your art studio. It is super fun and easy to use. Once you are with this tool, it will undoubtedly evolve or revive your interest in art. 

Now that you know all about the product and its features, it’s time to grab a quality tool that can help you immensely. 

In case you wish to have a look at this product, here is the link for your reference – Lucy Drawing Tool

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