The Best Colouring Pencils for Beginners to Professionals

The task at hand and the personal preference will play the main role to decide on the coloured pencils. Different brands and categories of coloured pencils are available on the market at competitive prices. Some coloured pencils are hard and suitable for detailed drawing and others are soft and more painterly. Renowned brands of coloured pencils are suited for various weights of paper in single or multiple layers with heavy or light pressure as per the preferences of the artists. It is the suitable time to be aware of guidelines for finding the best colour pencils online and make a well-informed decision for the coloured pencil shopping. Attention-grabbing features of affordable coloured pencils on the market guide you to directly pick and order the suitable pencils. 

Understand the basics of the coloured pencils 

All beginners to the art must keep art supplies simple and use every chance to efficiently use such supplies. They have to be conscious about how to find and invest in the best coloured pencils, graphite, pastel pencils, charcoal, ink and other mediums. If they properly use the coloured pencils, then they take pleasure in their everyday art-making process. They can spend enough time to keep up-to-date with the student quality and artist quality of coloured pencils of top brands on the market. 

Artist quality of coloured pencils includes the maximum pigments and minimum binder when evaluated to beginner quality coloured pencils. Users of these pencils reap benefits from the rich and deep marks with mild pressure as expected. The overall colours of these pencils are properly layered on the tip and combined in the easy way. Artist quality pencils are more expensive than student quality coloured pencils on the market.  

Compare and narrow down coloured pencils

Everyone with an interest to compare the huge collections of the best colour pencils and they are advised to focus on wax-based, oil-based and water-based coloured pencils in detail. A wax binder in the wax-based coloured pencils is soft in nature and lets users to apply rich color devoid of much pressure. 

Any oil-based coloured pencil uses an oil binder. Users of this pencil have to apply some pressure to lay down the colour. This pencil is really hard-wearing and designed to hold a point better and last longer than others. Water-soluble or water-based pencils use the gum Arabic for the best binder. The pigment in this pencil can be wet and moved around the paper with a brush and water subsequent to it is applied with the pencil. 

Experts in the traditional coloured pencils based art nowadays make use of the wax and oil based coloured pencils. However, they also make use of the water-based pencils whenever they require some sort of watercolour effect. You have to enhance your level of expertise regarding the softer core and harder core categories of the coloured pencils on the market. 

The core in the coloured pencil is the coloured bit located inside the pencil’s wooden casing. This core can be quite firm, buttery or soft while anyone use the coloured pencil over the paper. Any soft coloured pencil tends to produce the maximum intense and vibrant colour. This pencil is recommended for blending colours layered on top of each other. This pencil tends to break and would not hold a point for a long time.  

Hard core pencils are difficult to blend and layer. They are suitable for fine detail as well as crisp edges due to their nature to hold a point well. Artists with a specialization in the professional coloured pencils based art nowadays have a combination of harder and softer core coloured pencils to get the first-class things from these pencils. 

All beginners to the best colour pencils nowadays with a reasonable budget for coloured pencils shopping are advised to prefer and buy the softer core coloured pencils. This is because these pencils assist everyone to learn the basics of the layering and blending in the convenient and quick easy. 

Make a good decision 

Lightfastness is one of the most important factors considered by everyone with an interest to become skilled at the coloured pencil based art. The lightfastness of the colour is the ability of the colour to resist fading over time when exposed to the direct sunlight.    

Regular updates of renowned brands of the affordable yet the best colour pencils for sale online assist everyone to compare and narrow down these coloured pencils. You can research everything about these coloured pencils in detail right now and make a good decision to fulfil wishes about the coloured pencils shopping. Easy-to-understand details about the top brands of cheap and high-quality coloured pencils guide you to pick and order one of the most suitable coloured pencils. 

You can research the coloured pencils in detail and use the complete guidance for the coloured pencils shopping. You can discuss with experts in the top brands of high-quality yet competitive prices of coloured pencils right now. You will clarify your doubts and follow the professional guidelines for the coloured pencils shopping. 

Prismacolor Premier

Prismacolor Premier is one of the most popular brands of coloured pencils. These affordable artist quality coloured pencils are known for their nature of blend easily, rich and vibrant colours. These pencils provide the soft and buttery feel which makes applying colour as easily as possible. However, these soft pencils can break easily and produce waxy blooms. These pencils do not hold any sharp point for long. 

Faber-Castell polychromos

Faber-Castell polychromos are oil-based artist-quality coloured pencils. These pencils are a little firmer than other brands of coloured pencils. Intense pigments of these coloured pencils provide an easy way to lay down on the paper. Users of these pencils can layer and blend them in an exceptional way. These pencils are resilient to breakages. If you are willing to invest in the oil-based and high-quality colourer pencils regardless of the cost, then you can pick and invest in the expensive Faber-Castell polychromos. You will get 100% satisfaction from a proper use of these coloured pencils.

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